Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Respite Redefined Podcast

Hello internet!

Lets play a game of high/low. Lately around here…there have been plenty of both.

High// I’m on the Respite Redefined Podcast (episode No. 34) today talking about being a first-time foster mom. Check it out!

Low// We experienced some issues with our neighborhood about our chickens and we had to find a farm for them to go on with their happy lives because they couldn’t stay here. It was due somewhat to oversight on my part but there is nothing I can do about it now. The girls said tearful goodbyes, but overall they have not been too upset about it- thankfully. My dreams of being a crazy chicken lady will have to wait until later in life I guess. Boo. : (

High// Beach bum life is back. It is consistently hot enough to hit the beach any time of day and lately there have been Man-o-War jellyfish washing up onto shore and we have had fun looking at their bright blue squish.

Low// I’m been experiencing the ‘waiting’ blues. We’re waiting on a few things that can’t yet be shared, but waiting ain’t my favorite. The Lord is growing patience in me the hard way. That is how I learn most things- the hard way. : )

High// We found an AMAZING deal on airline tickets to go somewhere special for our 10th anniversary/ My 30th birthday next year. I’ll share more later, but this was a serious HIGH because I never dreamed this trip would fit into the budget, but it was too good a deal to pass up. We haven't been on a vacay just the two of us in quite a few years.

Low// Along with being beach-bum season, it is also bug season. I feel like there is potential for a big new weird bug around every corner. Every time I go out of the deck I get a surprise of some alien bug that I didn’t even know existed. So, I have concluded that it is possible that hell’s gates have opened and things are crawling out to terrorize me. Bugs = Low.

Let’s end of a HIGH// My parents visited a few weeks ago and as usual- it was a blast! I love when we have family visitors!


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Mama Sally