Friday, February 17, 2017

Foster Care Update

Hello friends!

Its been awhile, yes? We have an exciting update! All of our infrequent posts over the past months have been about our progress in preparing to be a licensed foster family. Well, not only are we officially licensed, we are 3 weeks into our first placement!

We currently have three sweet boys in our home in addition to our two daughters. Yep. We. Have. Five. Kids.

The boys are 6 months, 6 months (twins) and 5 years old. Thankfully the twins are not identical and we quickly learned to tell them apart. One likes to wake up and eat frequently and weighs quite a bit more than the other and has some very kissable chubby cheeks. The other is a champ sleeper but hates car rides. So the 3 big kids often sit with fingers in their ears during car rides OR sing Christmas carols (of all things?!) OVER the crying baby. Lord have mercy.

Overall, being parents of 5 kids is what we expected it to be. Hard. Crazy. Also fun. The big kids entertain each other a lot and the trampoline has seen many hours of bouncing and giggles.


Our church and friends have brought us meals, diapers, wipes, and hugs. People are just so so good.

I have to say. Pushing twin babies around is somewhat like carrying a panda. Everyone stops you and wants to know if they are twins and you stop yourself from saying “duh.” My foster parent friend sent me this:




I would say my top 5 challenges as a mom of 5 (two of them being babies makes a big impact here) are:

-LAUNDRY. So much laundry.

-Getting 5 people in and out of the car is like watching the clowns at the circus when they just keep coming out and your brain starts to go fuzzy because the amount of space and person ratio is messed up.

-So many feelings. Our girls of course have a lot of feelings about sharing us, sharing space, sharing toys, etc… Our babies sometimes have feelings that it seems unfortunately can mostly be communicated through tandem screaming episodes. Our other new son has feelings about us, feelings about where he has been, homesick feelings, on and on.

-Time to do anything other than taking care of kids. Someone is always pooping, having some sort of strange problem they got themselves into when I looked away for.5 seconds, or deciding to change their clothes and pull everything out of a drawer. Or someone is in their bathroom and the next kid has to go RIGHT THIS SECOND. I have decided that all foster parents should get weekly shipment of dry shampoo, IV bags filled with coffee (I am usually too busy in the morning and have to heat it up 5 times because someone needs my help while it is hot- They have hot drink radar), and laundry fairies.

-Navigating “the system.” As in , the foster care system. There are case workers, court appointed people whose titles are not supposed to understood by humans, Family service counselors, therapists, and a lot of emails/phone calls. It usually is advisable to not have two babies crying in the background of said phone calls so….speaker phone is my friend while two babies bounce on my lap.


So, there are many challenges throughout the day, but thankfully I have the best partner who agrees to do these hard things with me. He loses a lot of sleep and then works so hard to provide for our fam. Also, we have seen God’s provision through others in such a powerful way. Several unexpected people have sent us gift cards. So many of you have sent us messages of encouragement or to let you know that you are praying. We thank you!

So, today if you will drink something hot for me and if you have some free time relish it so. I am happy for you! And I am happy for me. This is hard, but it is good.



Mama Sally