Thursday, August 4, 2016

Summer Recap

Here is just a tad bit of summer to catch up on since we took a big blog break. We’ve have a lot of fun but I must say I’m about ready for fall where it is still quite warm here in FL but a little less soaking-wet-hot-mess.

First, Lola (not her real name) turned SIX and we got up early one morning to drive down to Flagler Beach to eat breakfast and watch the sunrise on the balcony of the Funky Pelican.


We also went to St Petersburg, FL to visit my grandparents while they were vacationing. Here’s a few from the Florida Aquarium while we were there.


Classic KoKo (not her real name) emotions.


We spent July 4th on the beach with some friends. We played a bit but then it suddenly started pouring and we ran a few block to the cars. We ended up going home to change and then racing back to the beach just in time for fireworks and sparklers in the parking lot : )


More to come soon!


Mama Sally