Tuesday, April 19, 2016

These Kids


Get dirty. Holes in all the clothes.

Catch Minnows with bare hands.

Bask in sunshine.

Suck in water through the nose. Sputter. Dive Back in again.

Climb branches.

Watch The Sound of Music again.

Follow Tracks.

Sandy scalps.


Run fast.
Get knocked down by waves.
More sunscreen.
Chase Seagulls.
Play Ipad.
Sing loud.
Follow jungle trails to see where they lead.
Dance with the palm trees.


Take long road trips.

Spot Dolphins.

Wish you could be a dolphin.

Wear mis-matched flip flops. Half are lost.

Try all the snow cone flavors.

Sing along with the Dora theme song.

Scream and jump in the rain with your people.

Ruin cameras from adventuring hard. Get new cameras.


Clean out sandy dryer.

See the stars. And the meteor showers.
I think you don’t have to choose if your kids are hooked on technology or don’t have any access to it at all. I think you have to nurture their need for adventure and not protect them so hard. Then they can also play some Ipad. At least, that’s how we do it.

Mama Sally