Tuesday, March 1, 2016


8 years ago at 10 in the morning we got married and had brunch. Then drove to Dallas to spend the night on our way to Galveston to leave on a cruise. In Dallas I was hungry and Mr went to get food so we could “relax.” Getting food in Dallas traffic on a Saturday night lasted a few hours. During those FEW HOURS I called my mom, bored, (pre smart phones- no Youtube to browse) and I ate all of the chocolate covered strawberries. I was barely hungry when Mr got back to the hotel but I ate some so that he wouldn't hate me on our wedding night. 

Thankfully each year gets better- I mean, I wanted to set the standards low so that it was only up from there. 

He’s the best. Weirdly motivated, loves to work but loves us more, and he is really reeeeally handsome. Somewhere along the way I realized life is hard & messy & that I am sleepy. But hard & messy & sleepy with you in the best life.