Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Eco Relics

During one of our recent adventures we stopped at the HUGE GINORMOUS REALLY REALLY BIG Eco Relics. This is basically a huge warehouse/woodshop/everything-you-could-ever-want place. If you are a DIYer, collector, upcycler, builder, or designer this should be your next stop. There are literally rows and rows of records, beautiful vintage furniture, stoplights, road signs, scrap wood, scrap metal, door knobs, hinges, VESPAS, and there is even toilet row. Leighton got a good chuckle at the pink & green toilets. I was speechless. Until I begged Mr to purchase me a vespa. He said no.

Mr said “Fetch isn’t going to happen.” Find a man who can quote Mean Girls and marry that fool. >>


I love me some junk!