Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Around Town

We took a walk with my favorite Swiss friend (my only Swiss friend) around the children’s garden near us. It is a lovely little spot where kids can dig, feel plants, smell flowers, and discover lots of things. I grabbed a few Iphone photos while we were there- I was just loving the texture of the many things that grow!
Also, just a tip- wipe off you phone camera lens with your shirt every time before you take a photo- those things get yuuuuuucky and can make your pictures blurry or not as detailed.


I ran these through my favorite app called ‘A Color Story’ to make colors brighter. What beautiful texture our God has created for us to enjoy & for me, photograph!

Mama Sally

Monday, February 22, 2016

Insta Lately

For our blog readers who don’t do Instagram, here is the roundup for the last little bit….

Did you see it? Terrible photo bomb on Miami beach- top row right corner :)


Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Our Travel Guide to Miami

We spent a couple of days in Miami over Valentine’s Day weekend. Luckily, this sunny, colorful city is just a few hours drive south of us. I did a little research beforehand but every guide that included activities for kids were not what we were looking for. I knew we would want to spend a lot of time outside and that we would not want to pay several hundred dollars to stand in line at busy touristy attractions. Some of those I am sure are great but not what we were looking for.

On our list and included below: Little Havana, South Beach, & Wynwood Walls.

Little Havana

The famous Versailles Restaurant for a Cuban sandwich & mojito

Cuban coffee.

Miami Beach

We met some new French-Canadian friends.


If lifeguard stands could be tiny homes….these would be mine.

Same Beach | different day
Wynwood Walls
The place where all my daydreams are fulfilled. This blend of COLOR, street art, and just plain visual interest makes me swoon.


Thanks for joining us on our wanderings in Miami, Florida!