Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Grace & Thrift Style.

Maybe it's the Texas in me, but I've always loved the look of a baseball tee. A lot of times I will pair with my favorite ball cap and skip a hair-do that day.

I couldn't believe it when I found this tee at a local thrift store- usually white tee's have some stain or are not in good condition. But THIS is AND it is long. It fits in the arms and is roomy in the I've-had-babies-tummy-area. $3. Can't even.

A moment of random thoughts today- yellow is happy. And grace is abundant. Because no matter the season you may be in, God has something for you. A new thing everyday. Some days you may not want to leave the warm covers to find it, but I have found so much truth in 'Seek and Knock.' There is no secret to seeking. It can be thinking, prayer, running (if you do weird things like run) time in the word, coffee (My best thoughts come after first coffee), or a time of creativity. I feel close to Him when my creativity is flowing in a project. My best 'talking with God' comes then.

Whatever it is- seek. He's a good dad and He wants you to run to his arms. Not to scold you but to squeeze you really tight and understand that being a person can be hard.

Jump for Joy. And bright yellow walls. Get happy!

Mrs Manlove