Monday, January 18, 2016

Florida Camping

For our first little kid camping trip, we opted to stay reeeeal close to home- like almost down the street! It worked well because Hanna Park is a beautiful place to camp and turned out we did have to run home to put some sleeping bags in the dryer...

Our girls really were troopers. The first night we had a LOT of rain and some thunder/lighting and the 2nd night was in the low 40's. They went on a few mile long hike and had lots of new experiences. 

We love that they are loving the outdoors. Also, camping under palm trees is the best.

First thing, the girls found this tree frog in our camp power outlet.

This book is AMAZING.

She wanted a picture by this funny tree : )


 Mr Manlove was an awesome camp cook. Nothing tastes better than hot bacon and pancakes when you are freezing cold in the morning. 


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Thanks for catcing up on our wanderings!
Mrs Manlove