Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Cummer Museum | JAX > Things to Do

If you live in or near Jacksonville or you are planning a visit, the Cummer Museum is a must. 

The Cummer Museum is located in the beautiful Riverside neighborhood near downtown Jax. This museum also has beautiful gardens that back to the St Johns River with great views. The exhibits change frequently and there are lots of opportunities to go on free days. Our last visit was on Weaver Fist Saturday Free for All. This museum is great for both kids and adults. 

The kids can pick up a 'Create' box (Or adults- I did it too!) and paint with watercolors in the gardens. This is a perfect parent break to enjoy the scenery while they are otherwise engaged. Just make sure they wear clothes that can get a little artsy : )

Thanks for stopping by!

Mrs Manlove