Friday, January 29, 2016

Twenty Eight.

So many people hate getting older but I am just loving the morsels of wisdom that come each year. 28 is young but the world can make you feel weary & old some days. 

We love to celebrate the little things & sometimes that means buying balloons for your adult self. Actually, Leighton wanted to get these for me, but by "get them" she meant hand her the debit card so she could hand it to the cashier. She also bought heart balloons for her sister : )
This year I have a husband who loves me well, two beautiful children, health, friends, and palm trees. All good things come from above. 

Thanks for celebrating milestones with me!

Mrs Manlove

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Grace & Thrift Style.

Maybe it's the Texas in me, but I've always loved the look of a baseball tee. A lot of times I will pair with my favorite ball cap and skip a hair-do that day.

I couldn't believe it when I found this tee at a local thrift store- usually white tee's have some stain or are not in good condition. But THIS is AND it is long. It fits in the arms and is roomy in the I've-had-babies-tummy-area. $3. Can't even.

A moment of random thoughts today- yellow is happy. And grace is abundant. Because no matter the season you may be in, God has something for you. A new thing everyday. Some days you may not want to leave the warm covers to find it, but I have found so much truth in 'Seek and Knock.' There is no secret to seeking. It can be thinking, prayer, running (if you do weird things like run) time in the word, coffee (My best thoughts come after first coffee), or a time of creativity. I feel close to Him when my creativity is flowing in a project. My best 'talking with God' comes then.

Whatever it is- seek. He's a good dad and He wants you to run to his arms. Not to scold you but to squeeze you really tight and understand that being a person can be hard.

Jump for Joy. And bright yellow walls. Get happy!

Mrs Manlove

Monday, January 25, 2016

Instagram Lately

What We're Watching on Netflix

I love hearing what other people enjoy on Netflix. We have never wanted to pay for cable, but we use both Netflix and Amazon Prime for our TV/movie viewing. I tend to have something on when folding clothes or while editing images. And Mr Manlove and I will watch something a few nights a week after the girls are in bed.

Here is what we have enjoyed in the past few months:

Broadchurch is a BBC murder drama and it is so well done. I was quite sad when it ended.

One of Mr Manlove's favorites being the foodie that he is. I enjoy the creativity of the people creating the food and the filmography is really beautiful.

My favorite. The 90's best offering : ) Any cute quipy thing I say I stole from Lorelai or Rory.

This needs no intro unless you do not have access to the internet. This will draw you in, make you throw things, and then cause you to want to read many articles about different theories about this murder and the accused.

Happy watching!

Mrs Manlove

Friday, January 22, 2016

Thrift Style

Fact: 80-90% of my wardrobe is thrifted. For social justice reasons, budget reasons, and I get bored of the same clothes reasons, I love a good thrift store.

Here in FL most of the year I live in easy breezy dresses. The kind that don't require special undergarments- Nor sucking in. Dresses like this one don't cry when I eat that one last taco. 

Sending warmth and sunshine to the rest of the country today- I hope it is not long before you, too, can swap parkas for dresses.

Thanks for stopping by!

Mrs Manlove

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Pinetop Arizona

One of my favorite spring days from our time in Pinetop, Arizona.


Mrs Manlove

Monday, January 18, 2016

Florida Camping

For our first little kid camping trip, we opted to stay reeeeal close to home- like almost down the street! It worked well because Hanna Park is a beautiful place to camp and turned out we did have to run home to put some sleeping bags in the dryer...

Our girls really were troopers. The first night we had a LOT of rain and some thunder/lighting and the 2nd night was in the low 40's. They went on a few mile long hike and had lots of new experiences. 

We love that they are loving the outdoors. Also, camping under palm trees is the best.

First thing, the girls found this tree frog in our camp power outlet.

This book is AMAZING.

She wanted a picture by this funny tree : )


 Mr Manlove was an awesome camp cook. Nothing tastes better than hot bacon and pancakes when you are freezing cold in the morning. 


Also, please take a few and watch our vlog, if you wish! You can subscribe to our YouTube Channel HERE.

Thanks for catcing up on our wanderings!
Mrs Manlove

Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Cummer Museum | JAX > Things to Do

If you live in or near Jacksonville or you are planning a visit, the Cummer Museum is a must. 

The Cummer Museum is located in the beautiful Riverside neighborhood near downtown Jax. This museum also has beautiful gardens that back to the St Johns River with great views. The exhibits change frequently and there are lots of opportunities to go on free days. Our last visit was on Weaver Fist Saturday Free for All. This museum is great for both kids and adults. 

The kids can pick up a 'Create' box (Or adults- I did it too!) and paint with watercolors in the gardens. This is a perfect parent break to enjoy the scenery while they are otherwise engaged. Just make sure they wear clothes that can get a little artsy : )

Thanks for stopping by!

Mrs Manlove