Friday, November 11, 2016

Around Town

There are a TON of new murals and newly painted colorful buildings around our city. You know we love this. It makes us happy. If you’re local and want the deets on where this is and the artist, head over to my Instagram.


I hope your weekend is as happy as this wall!


Mama Sally

Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Foster Care Licensing Update & Halloween!

Hello friends & fam!

We are glad to say we have started our foster care training and are on track to finish it by the end of the year. Also, we have gotten a lot closer to being ready for our home study. We got the van (see a few posts back)! We purchased bunk beds and mattresses and some sweet church friends gave us a crib, crib mattress, crib bedding, a changing table, and another church friend gave us a dresser. Some lady at a garage sale who learned we were doing foster/adopt gave me 3 non-expired car seats for free. What?! I love you people!

A reminder if you have not seen past updates: We are planning to accept sibling sets of 2 or 3 because there are not many foster families that have to capacity for siblings. There is a great need because when kids have already been separated from their parents, they really need to to stay with their siblings. To answer the questions I most often get: Yes, this will be overwhelming. Yes, we will get attached to them- they need someone to attach to them. And to answer the thought in your head: Yes, we will be a walking circus at times : )

Many of our friends have asked what we still need and the main thing we are gathering right now is a few outfits for each age that we plan to accept. We don’t want to gather full wardrobes but we do need to show that for each size child that we will be licensed for we could clothe them and have the basics they need for when a placement begins.

Thank you to those of you who have asked and here are specific sizes of gently used clothes we are gathering:

***Updated: I have done a crossthrough or changed the # on ones that people have let me know they can provide!


0-3 months – 2 full outfits, 1 set of PJ’s, a few pairs of socks

9 months- 2 outfits, 1 set of PJ’s, a few pairs on non-slip socks

12 months- 3 outfits, 1 set of PJ’s, a few pairs of non-slip socks, 1 pairs of shoes

18 months- 3 outfits, 1 set of PJ’s, a few pairs of non-slip socks, 2 pairs of shoes

24 months- 2 outfits and 1 set of PJ’s, a few pairs of non-slip socks, 2 pairs of shoes



0-3 months- 2 outfits, a few pairs of socks

6 months- 1 outfit, 1 set of PJ’s, a few pairs of socks

9 months- 2 outfits and 1 set of PJ’s, 1 pair of shoes

12 months- 2 outfits and 1 set of PJ’s, 1 pair of shoes

24 months- 1 outfit

Toys: Peg Puzzles (2-3), Dress ups geared towards boys (ex: fireman)- we have lots of girl dress ups; Shape sorter, construction or dump truck, a doctor play set

Other: waterproof pads for under sheets, hooded bath towels (2)

We are purchasing a few items each week to get ready. Those items have been added to our Target Foster registry HERE: 

A few books for kids who are in foster care on Amazon:

Maybe Days

A Terrible Thing Happened

Murphy’s Three Homes

Whew! What a blessing you all continue to be! I never knew how much “stuff” would be required but when you do not know what ages you will be placed with, you need a little of everything! Again, thank you to those who have asked.

Here’s a little Halloween picture update from our fam:


Trick or Treating with neighbors : )


Koko (not her real name) walked up to many houses and shouted “Im a mingo!” (flamingo : ) instead of “trick-or-treat”!

Thank you for stopping by the blog!


Mama Sally

Sunday, September 4, 2016


Savannah, GA is one charming town. A friend and I took a day trip on a whim this weekend and enjoyed every moment.


I told you- full of charm. Staircases, iron gates, cobblestone streets, and spanish moss. <3

Thanks for stopping by!



Friday, August 12, 2016

Let’s Go On The Jumpoline.

KoKo (not her real name) calls it the “jumpoline.” When Lola (not her real name) corrects her I quickly shhhh her efforts because I want her to say it forever. We have been enjoying our new backyard so much- and the “jumpoline” is their favorite part.

I promise to put up house photos, but I’m painting all the places and you’ll just have to wait until I’m done. Just go watch 500 heats of Olympic swimming while you wait ; )


KoKo (not her real name) knows how to make her sister levitate. Free ticket to Hogwarts.


The last days of summer are here and we will end each day studying to clouds from the jumpoline.


Mama Sally

Thursday, August 4, 2016

Summer Recap

Here is just a tad bit of summer to catch up on since we took a big blog break. We’ve have a lot of fun but I must say I’m about ready for fall where it is still quite warm here in FL but a little less soaking-wet-hot-mess.

First, Lola (not her real name) turned SIX and we got up early one morning to drive down to Flagler Beach to eat breakfast and watch the sunrise on the balcony of the Funky Pelican.


We also went to St Petersburg, FL to visit my grandparents while they were vacationing. Here’s a few from the Florida Aquarium while we were there.


Classic KoKo (not her real name) emotions.


We spent July 4th on the beach with some friends. We played a bit but then it suddenly started pouring and we ran a few block to the cars. We ended up going home to change and then racing back to the beach just in time for fireworks and sparklers in the parking lot : )


More to come soon!


Mama Sally