Monday, July 6, 2015

Kennedy Favorites//

I know that typically 2nd children and subsequent children often get the shaft in the number of photo taken. But in Kennedys case it not for a lack of trying. Although Kennedy generally has the sweetest personality, the kid hates the camera with extreme passion. Any good photo we have of dear baby K, as we call her, is because she was caught off guard or too distracted having fun to notice my camera. You can usually find me crawling under a table or jumping out around corners trying to surprise her enough to get a photo. I’m going on and on about it, but I have 5,000 photo of the back of this kids head! I hope she grows out of it, but I will keep trying : )

Sweet Kennedy // Compassionate to persons with ‘owies’// Expressions that make even the strictest parents hearts melt // Issues with textures // Expert bug spotter & the smaller the bug, the more terrifying // Possibly Swedish // Just Kidding //

Kennedy Favorites///



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