Saturday, July 4, 2015

Flash Back! | Our July 4th Weeks

This blog has been around now for five years which I just can’t believe. I started it back when we moved to Arizona for just 1 year while Mr Manlove did some work there and then back to Kansas for a few years where our families are and now we hope we’ve settled for quite some time in our new home in North Florida. So, if you’ve followed along for the whole time, you deserve many awards for your sense of adventure! : ) Here is a flash back to July 4th weeks from our past few years here on the blog. Starting in good ole Pinetop, Arizona in 2011.

One of the first photos I took of L with my DSLR. Possibly one of my favorite photos EVER.


We enjoyed many Pine tree sunsets. I’m feeling grateful we got some of those and now we get Palm tree sunsets!


A memorable July day hiking to a creek.


Then back in Kansas…


Look at those chubby baby rolls!


And a backyard campout! This is L’s favorite memory in childhood so far. She talks about it constantly and now is determined to have a campout on the beach : )


Is there anything better than catching fireflies in the summer?


Thanks for stopping by!


Mrs Manlove