Sunday, June 7, 2015

We’re Here! | Manloves Do Florida

Well, we made it. After many months of living in limbo, we have arrived at the next chapter. Fortunately for us, the next chapter includes palm trees & white sand. I plan on ramping up the blog posts big time so that our family & friends back home can see what we’re up to!

Mr Manlove and my dad drove the cars & moving truck here. They are supermen. My girls and I flew a few days later. ‘K’ had a panic attack when the first flight took off, but then calmed down and did fine the rest of the way. The girls entertained the entire A19 gate at the Atlanta airport for 3 hours.

Here are photos of our first few days (a mixture of iphone & big camera : ))


‘Lou’ loved taking pictures of the clouds with my phone : ). ||| And as you can see, wasn’t kidding about that panic attack!


Whew! Drama llama went to sleep on her mama.


A few adventures before T-pa flew home…


Everytime I see the sunsets at the beach here I can’t help but say “I can’t believe we live here!”



National Doughnut day so…


Riverside Arts Market | Hemming Park | Orange Park Kids Fest


Pool Day!


More of our new adventures soon!

Thanks for stopping by.


Mrs Manlove