Sunday, June 14, 2015

Little Lou is 5 || Sweet Pete’s Jacksonville

This last week our little Lou turned 5! We had a small party in Kansas before moving, but wanted to make her real birthday special here too. First up was a small present from us, a lunchbox for Kindergarten!


Then, she wanted to spend her piggy bank/birthday money at the Disney store. We kept trying to keep her expectations in check because we knew her funds would not go far in the land of Disney. However, the girl was in luck because they were having their twice a year sale and had a lot on clearance. After a lot of deliberation, she ended up picking a mermaid costume and a Sleeping Beauty Doll.

If you live near a Disney store, I highly recommend taking your kid there on their birthday. They treated our girl extra special with a button with her name on it, her name on the TV screen with a Birthday song, and lots of enthusiasm.


Then we headed to Sweet Pete’s for a treat. This candy shop in downtown Jacksonville is MY NEW FAVORITE PLACE ON THE PLANET. The d├ęcor alone is like stepping into a fantasy land and on top of that there are two floors of sweet treats!


Then to Hemming park right across the way to play with the giant foam block because…life is good : )


And another day, another beach. I can’t even get over the girls’ pose!


A few randoms, my niece can sit up! And she’s wearing the outfit I sent her. Miss that sweet thing!


And lastly, I am working on blogging some of my thrifted outfits. Most of my wardrobe is thrifted- it’s my favorite way to shop!


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Mrs Manlove

Friday, June 12, 2015

JAX Beach Pier | Hanna Park | St Augustine \\\ North Florida Family Blog

We’re packing in tons of adventures before Mr Manlove has to report to work. This week we have visited the pier at Jacksonville Beach, Hanna Park (State park/beach/splash pad), and the city of St Augustine, FL.


The little one hates the camera, but Lou loves it. She thinks a somewhat serious face is cool right now.


The only time they both smile AND look at the camera they are behind the trash can.




Don’t mind my crazy, wind blown hair : )


Doin a little dance.


\\\\Hanna Park



\\\A Few Randoms

Loving this thrifted skirt!


The lighting is not very good, but I used Plaster paint to paint our dining room table…I haven’t painted the chairs yet, but soon.

Also, a WAY fun gift from my in-laws\\Omaha Steaks! Can’t wait to grill some! What a great moving gift. And what is better than a freezer full of steak?


\\\First Day trip\\ St Augustine, FL.

St Augustine is the oldest city in America. The architecture is beautiful. We didn’t have much time to take a lot of photos of the city, but I’m sure I will at some point. First, the splash pad.


Then a little walk…


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Mrs Manlove