Saturday, January 3, 2015

NYE 2014 | Speakeasy Dinner

We have a tradition of getting together with our friends the Rodgers & the Bianco’s on NYE & we were pleased some other Manlove’s joined us this year as well! It was at our casa this year and I decided to do a roaring 20’s speakeasy theme. I didn’t take many photos (sad!)- I completely forgot! But here are a few I did grab…


Not real, of course, but every 20’s party needs fake cigs!


All I can say about this sign I made is yaaaaas. And I shall keep it in my bedroom.


Pretty Laura. The Italian was sick- we missed him! (Laura’s hubby).


She’s so elegant & laughs easily. Love her.


Pretty Coco.


This shadow is perf.


Other Manloves. That girl can wear a dress, yes?!


My poor hubby is not in ANY pictures : (. I’m so bad! He was playing chef the whole time & uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuugh that food was good. Among the dishes (with some from others as well), were sea scallops on toasted goat cheese, home made carbonara pasta, cheesy japelenos wrapped in bacon, bacon wrapped figs, etc…YUM.

The only pictures I am in are the ones on my phone when I was trying to send my mama a picture of my hairdo/headband…


Aftermath. The one time of year I stay up past 10 (we shooed them out at 4:30am….still recovering. Wouldn’t have it any other way!)



Mrs Manlove