Friday, August 22, 2014

Documenting Memories

I can’t believe its been a whole month since I last posted! One thing I have been working hard on the past month is organizing all of our personal photos both on my hard drives and the printed ones.

My system for saving digital files is to place them on an external hard drive (so they’re not taking all my computer space) and back them up in the cloud. This is essential- hard drives fail and computers crash. Back up in an online storage cloud or at least have two digital copies if you’re not going to save elsewhere.

I make folders by year and within those folders, a folder for each month. So, in my 2013 folder, there are 12 folders- one for each month.

My printed photos I either stick in an album or organize again by date in photo boxes form Michaels. I am working on making photo books with digital scrapbooking. My favorite company right now is

While I was organizing photos, I found a few old favorites and wanted to share! I think I will do this in 3 parts- Part 1 is Me & Mr many years ago!

A very long time ago- I’m on the left with someone in my lap and Mr is the biggest guy in there. You can see our age difference here : )


He was in my senior pictures…






And honeymooning!



Mrs Manlove