Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Ghana | Part I

I have a feeling this trip is going to take several ‘parts’ to blog- I took SO many photos. I have had trouble narrowing which ones to share. As most of you know, we went to visit my brother and sister in law and the 8 girls they care for- see 8oaks.org. As a means of privacy for them we will not be sharing photos of the girls here, but I will be sharing on Kate’s blog and will post when it is up!

Here are some photos of our adventures (my mom, me, Landon + Kate). We traveled some within the country- through jungles to waterfalls and to see monkeys (see part II for the monkeys!).


One of the girls helping cook + Kate made french toast!


Lizard friend.


The yard chickens.




Kate working hard : )


On a trip-



Jungle millipede.


This crab made me scream on the trail. I thought it was a very large black spider at first glance. Who knew there were crabs in the jungle?


waterfall + all those dots on the rocks are fruit bats.



More soon.


Mrs Manlove