Thursday, February 20, 2014

Around Here | February

One month ago I was packing for paradise. Haiti is beautiful!


My last baby (by birth) turned one. WAAH.


I just (minutes ago) purchased my ticket to Ghana for May. Still scraping together a little fundraiser to help out with the expenses. I am visiting my brother and sister in law who live there. Visit to see about the organization they work with.

I am focusing on our home. Man! Moving, having a baby, and running a business from home all on one year have not been kind to my time for upkeeping the casa. I’m focusing on being better so Mr Manlove doesn’t feel stressed about any messes when he gets home. Love that man.

For V day we photographed our only somewhat tacky selves with inspiration from Paul & Julia Child…


Ha! We also spent Valentines evening with a 90 something year old man and woman from our church. We ate pizza and went to sleep before 9. We had a lot in common with our Valentine friends.

We gave up our smart phones (see two posts ago) and are working daily to get rid of the excess and luxuries in our lives (see three posts ago).

I am getting like 12 shots over the next few days (update on boosters + yellow fever/other shots to travel to Ghana). If I ask you to carry something it is because I can’t lift my arms : )

I’m so pumped- my mom is going with me to Ghana and her Compassion child lives in a town we have to travel through to get to my brother. We are going to stop for a visit. So cool! I wish I could communicate to the girls in my brothers house how they have affected us so much from so far away. I am so in love with their smiling faces. I can't wait to see their personalities.

That’s all that is happening with us! Thanks for stopping by : )


Mrs Manlove