Tuesday, October 29, 2013

October | 2013

It’s hard to believe that the end of October is near. It will soon be FREEZING here in farm land. We have enjoyed the 60’s/70’s temps and falling leaves the last few weeks. I am of course down to the wire finishing the girls’ Halloween costumes. Stay tuned for those : )

Here is what our Fall has looked like so far…

Food Trucks at the fountain. We love us some Flying Stove & Cake Face. And L likes to dance : )


Had to lower that crib mattress. Baby K is determined to bust outta there!


This one says she’s going to be a picture-taker-mermaid-building maker when she grows up.


This is how they truly feel about mommy’s picture taking.


This is under bribery and makin a fool of myself in front of the neighbors. L says her hair “is supposed to be in her eye- it’s cool.'”


And one more silly one- she loves to hug baby K. Possibly a little too tight.


Have you ever been cardboard sledding? A family favorite of ours in the fall. You have to find dead grass on a hill and bring some cardboard (obviously).

And from Instagram:


                                           good hair day | mr manlove does breakfast | obsessed with bubble necklaces


                                         flash drive packaging | barn sale | L wants to smell the cemetery '”cemelerly” flowers…no.


                                                                     the girls | kansas fall sunsets


Yes! me and my siblings on the most awesome Halloween ever.


Mrs Manlove