Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Madie | Trinity Academy Senior

Madie- your sweet spirit was so evident in just the hour and a half I spent with you. I know you have BIG things in your future! Here are my favorites from your session.


Favorites for sure! Are you kidding me with this gorgeousness, Madie?!



Mrs Manlove

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

October | 2013

It’s hard to believe that the end of October is near. It will soon be FREEZING here in farm land. We have enjoyed the 60’s/70’s temps and falling leaves the last few weeks. I am of course down to the wire finishing the girls’ Halloween costumes. Stay tuned for those : )

Here is what our Fall has looked like so far…

Food Trucks at the fountain. We love us some Flying Stove & Cake Face. And L likes to dance : )


Had to lower that crib mattress. Baby K is determined to bust outta there!


This one says she’s going to be a picture-taker-mermaid-building maker when she grows up.


This is how they truly feel about mommy’s picture taking.


This is under bribery and makin a fool of myself in front of the neighbors. L says her hair “is supposed to be in her eye- it’s cool.'”


And one more silly one- she loves to hug baby K. Possibly a little too tight.


Have you ever been cardboard sledding? A family favorite of ours in the fall. You have to find dead grass on a hill and bring some cardboard (obviously).

And from Instagram:


                                           good hair day | mr manlove does breakfast | obsessed with bubble necklaces


                                         flash drive packaging | barn sale | L wants to smell the cemetery '”cemelerly” flowers…no.


                                                                     the girls | kansas fall sunsets


Yes! me and my siblings on the most awesome Halloween ever.


Mrs Manlove

Monday, October 28, 2013

Weekend Sneak Peeks | Wichita Senior, Wedding, & Portrait Photographer

I just wrapped up my busiest time of the year this weekend. I have some winter weddings and some seniors left, but I scheduled vacation, family time, get-everything-re-organized time. I must admit, I LOVE my job, but it leaves little time for other things besides a little time with our family. I am SO THANKFUL for all of my clients. There were a few of you I couldn’t fit in the October schedule so that was sad, but I got to spend time with SO many beautiful seniors, brides, and families.
Here are some sneak peeks from this weekend.
TWO great senior guys that go to our church. Both I have known for so long and have seen them grow up.
This one is David- I think I found my new favorite photo spot in Delano with him!
Next is Maize Senior Josh. Check out those super-blue eyes!
One other senior that we did a Part II of her session because the last part of the first one got rained out! Here’s beautiful Maddie! The light was AMAZING!

And LAST but not least, the granddaughter of a sweet couple at our church : )
A CRAZY but Great weekend! Thank you thank you to all of my clients for helping me pay my bills and do what I love!
Mrs Manlove

Thursday, October 24, 2013

2014 Seniors | Wichita Senior Photographer

I have had so many seniors lately it has been crazy! I love you guys! Here are a few of my recent favorites!



Maddie | Part II




Thanks for stopping by the ol’ blog! Sad senior season is soon coming to a close : (


Mrs Manlove

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Reese Family |Wichita Photographer

I photographed this family one year ago- you can see their previous photos HERE. I haven attended the same church as this mama and dad for as long as I can remember. They saw my scary teenage days (EEK.) and they still like me (I think) : ). Their kiddos are getting BIG and I had a lot of fun with them. The best way, bay far to make them laugh is to call them stinky buffalo. I do what it takes, people. haha! Here are some of my favorites!


Thanks sweet Reese family!


Mrs Manlove

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Weekend Recap | Ames Iowa

I got to go with my parents last weekend to visit my sister and new brother in law at Iowa State University. The campus was beautiful and the trees were starting to change. Here are a few photos from our walk around campus…


Then I took my sister to get her first tattoo : ) Actually I was supposed to get one with her and changed my mind. I mean, mind changing is allowed when it’s a forever thing so no name calling : )


So cute!

We had a fun visit! Miss you sister!

Mrs Manlove